Ragnar Relay

15 Jul

Heard of it? Neither had I, until a friend ran it earlier this year and I pretty much watcher her progress via instagram. It’s a relay race, roughly 200 miles, 12 runners and 2 days, no stopping until the end. Sounds fun, exciting, tiring, terrifying and insane all the same time…

Well, I’m signed up for 2015.

That same friend has a team for next year ready to go, however one of the members had to drop out (honestly, I think they just came to their senses), so the spot was offered up to me. At first I was like “hell yeah I’ll do it” not really realizing the magnitude that is this race. But 3 legs of different mileage (my legs haven’t been assigned yet, so that’s gonna be awesome) over about 2 days doesn’t sound bad. I say that now, but come time to run, being all sleep deprived in a van with other runners might affect the mood a bit. Still, it looks like a pretty awesome experience regardless.

Ragnar Relay 2015: Miami to Key West




How do you #fuelyourbetter?

22 May

So the opportunity for me to review a Vega product arose a few weeks ago, so I did what most people would do and jumped all on that train. I’ve been itching to try their stuff for a while now, so this was absolutely perfect.

Out of all their products, I chose the Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer. I’ve been testing out different pre-workouts; trying to get a hold of any sample sizes I can because I never really have luck with some so far (most tend to hurt my heart depending on the activity I’m doing). When the box arrived in the mail, I ripped that sucker open and basked in the glory that was a whole box of pre-workout packets.

I tried the pre-workout twice before writing this review; once before lifting weights and the other before a 60-minute zumba class.

Taste: much more mild than I was expecting. The flavor I received was Acai Berry, which is a taste I hadn’t really tried, especially as a pre-workout. Its not as sweet as other brands, I don’t feel like I’m drinking liquid sugar when I drink it. The first time I did water down the test (expecting the previously mentioned sugar rush), but the second time was definitely better to me.

Effectiveness: In simple words, this stuff is awesome. It gives me the kick I need, but I don’t feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest when I do too much. I felt it work more when I was lifting, as opposed to the zumba class, but it still got me through both without wanting to quit halfway through.

Overall: I pretty much fell in love with this stuff after the second try. It met my needs for pre-workouts and it tasted pretty good. It also mixes really well….I felt this needed to be mentioned since I personally hate when things get all clumpy in my blender bottle. Chugging a mass of power is just a one-way ticket to cough city. I would probably use this more for my morning workouts since the taste is milder than other brands (sometimes that sugar rush tastes pretty good at 6pm, but not at 6am). But this is definitely on my “must buy again” list, I’ll probably check out the other flavor next time though…since variety is the spice of life J

If you’re curious about Vega or Vega Sport, definitely try them out. Since trying these I popped into my local Whole Foods and bought a couple single bars and other items to try as well. So far I’ve loved them all. Also, if you want more info on the pre-workout, the link is below.

Vega…. It helps me #fuelmybetter

Product link: http://vegasport.com/product/pre-workout-energizer/?utm_campaign=FitAppVSPWO&utm_medium=link&utm_source=blogger&utm_content=FitAppVSPWO0

***Just a disclaimer, above is 100% my opinion. I did receive the product to test for free, however everything above is my personal opinion and that is not easily swayed.



Race Recaps

18 May

I haven’t posted in such a long time (been super busy), but I’ve been keeping up with the ankle recovery, a couple runs and working a bunch of different events. So here’s a quick recap:

Race for Women’s Wellness 5K Run

Super fun, finished up right as it was about to rain. The course went through a sports complex, out onto a city street, through a neighborhood and back to the complex. I knew the route pretty well since it’s the same complex where I take zumba classes weekly. Some homeowners in the neighborhood were out in their yards cheering the runners on, it was pretty motivating, especially since this was the last mile or so.



Heroes in Recovery 6K Run

This was a run I signed up about a week before race day. I was nowhere near prepared for this particular run (I think I say that about each run though). This run went right through a local state park, following most of the road trail, even running alongside a field with horses. The humidity for this run was just brutal. I’m pretty accustomed to the humidity of training in Florida, but I think this was just one of those weekends where summer decided to creep in early. Also, something I noticed about this run is they marked the progress in kilometers, not miles, so adjusting my pacing took a little longer than usual. Definitely not my best time, but I was done and back to my car in one hour (I walked a good portion of the course).

photo 1

Glass Slipper Challenge Weekend

2 Mar

So after a week of being back in the real world and pondering my latest runs, I’ve finally written them down….in bullet form, since I was getting some intense writers block, so here ya go:


General weekend thoughts:

  • Fit for a Princess Expo is just adorable, and crowded, and spread out (multiple buildings). I’m use to ToT 10 Miler, where everything is in the same building, so this time around I kept bouncing back and forth between buildings.
  • Both races started at 5:30am, which meant 3am wake up calls for me. I’m not really much of a morning person
  • Also, my body does not processing food at 3am (I know, TMI…but it had to be said).
  • The volunteers go out of their way to entertain people (this also includes the bag checkers). Even if their jokes are corny, laugh at them…. they’ve been up longer than you. This also goes for the bus drivers.
  • Disney knows how to organize. Start line, finish line (which looked like a mini city), everything was organized, well in my opinion.
  • The DJs/entertainment during pre-race is pretty fun. However, hearing “what does the fox say?” at 4am and having it stuck in your head for hours….not as awesome.
  • There were roughly 25,000 runners for the half marathon. 6,200 for the Glass Slipper Challenge. Therefore, lots of pink, and sparkles and tutus for the weekend.

Enchanted 10k


  • I loved this course. You start at Epcot (parking lot), head out towards the road, back into the park between Norway and China in the World Showcase, then around the boardwalk, back into Epcot and finish pretty much where you started.
  • The national anthem wasn’t sung, just played, but that clearly didn’t stop 5 corrals of runners from singing. I’ve never seen that happen, which I why I needed to point it out.
  • The first 2ish miles is just highway, but it’s dark out, so not a big deal. But I loved running through the showcase.
  • The volunteers are seriously the most cheerful people ever (this was true for both races).
  • The lady that gave me my finisher wristband (since I did the Glass Slipper Challenge) was the most encouraging woman ever.
  • At the end you get the standard box meal (complete with handle), water, powerade and banana. I believe this is just the Disney standard, which is a-ok with me.

    IMG_2816 IMG_2834

Princess Half Marathon


  • My entire running experience was done in fog. Which is super rare for me. Also, the weather was pleasant. Most people complained about the humidity (I think it was around 65%?) but being from South Florida, it was no biggie.
  • The mass exodus of runners to their corrals was pretty fun to watch (mostly because there were tutus EVERYWHERE).
  • The course starts at Epcot, runs up through T&TC (texted that to mom and she couldn’t figure it out….transportation and ticket center). Then through Magic Kingdom and back to Epcot.
  • By mile 2.5-3 I could see runners from the first corral headed back to Epcot (it was their mile 9 I believe).
  • Running through Main Street and through the Castle were by far my favorites. I loved the crowds in the park, they are the ultimate motivation to keep going.
  • Miles 7.5 is the “please vote for a song via facebook and we’ll play it”. So Let it Go was blasting, and everyone sang. It was actually pretty funny.
  • Mile 8.5, the food station, or the dodge the half eaten gels packs. I actually pulled a leg muscle right around here. I’m pretty sure I slipped on something, but I am super clumsy, so it could have just been all me.
  • Miles 10 and 11 sucked. Three overpasses (one of those circular on ramp kinda deals, which makes one, then two more after that).
  • Again, volunteers and crowds of cheering people make for the best motivation.
  • Crossing that finish line is the best experience in the world. Especially overcoming injuries just a month or so prior. It was a pretty emotional weekend, but it was so worth it.
  • Got my medal, found my folks in the crowd, got food stuffs (and a swanky drawstring bag). Was told by the medic to start drinking water…they were actually checking to make sure people did this.
  • Got my Glass Slipper Challenge medal, and my photos taken. It was a sweet victory in my book.

    IMG_2864 IMG_2872 IMG_2821 IMG_2898 IMG_2903

Race Day Packing List

15 Feb

T-minus 6 days until I leave for Orlando and my next set of races at Disney. So of course, I’ve already mentally packed my bags half a dozen times, and have slowly started collecting all of the stuff I need (I literally have a bag by my bedroom door that I keep throwing stuff into). I usually pack for trips about a day or two in advance, then right before I leave check everything, just to make sure nothing is missed.

So here is my packing list:

Clothes (I’m running two races, a 10k and a half marathon)

  • 2 tank tops
  • 2 capris/tights
  • socks, undies, sports bras
  • 2 pairs of running shoes
  • headbands


  • armband for phone (I enjoy listening to music while running)
  • earbuds
  • garmin, nike fuelband, or other brand of running watch (I wear a polar to monitor heart rate and keep an app running on my phone to track pace)
  • wet ones/baby wipes (for post run)
  • waist pack (not sure if I’ll use, but definitely brining just in case)
  • sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • body glide
  • gels/ post race foods
  • compression sleeves (post run)
  • sandals (post run)

I also created a small first aid kit to pack as well:

  • bandaids
  • biofreeze
  • ibuprofen, tums, pepto
  • medical tape
  • friction block
  • biofreeze
  • hair accessories & extra safety pins (I keep all of these in an empty KT tape container)



Things I’ve never thought to pack, but after browsing the Internet, they seem like a good idea:

  • small ziplock bags – they act as ice packs for post run
  • breakfast foods – at 3am, I doubt many places are open for foods, so I’ll be packing bagels (or English muffins) with some peanut butter
  • small handheld water bottle – seems like an obvious, but this will go in my post-race bag (or with my lovely parents who will be waiting for me to finish) so I can stay hydrated past the water given post race (I drink a lot of water)


One last thing: I drive to Orlando, but for those who fly, make sure your gels and liquid-y stuff ends up in the carry on ziplock. For anyone else running, good luck and have a happy race(s)! 🙂

It’s a Three-peat

10 Feb

After much debate (mentally, of course), I’ve registered for this year’s Tower of Terror 10 Miler. Early registration started this past week for AP members. General sale starts this week Tuesday (February 11th at noon). They sell out quick, so decide before then. I’m not a huge fan of the course, or the humidity, but I really love the mileage of this race, the theme, and it’s a great excuse to be at Disney during the start of the Food and Wine Festival.

So, it looks like it’ll be a three-peat for me 


Das Boot

16 Jan

So…this happened…


Rewind to a few weeks ago: we were moving furniture and I injured myself (not too shocking, I can be quite clumsy). I basically stepped off a ledge backwards (while helping hold a couch) and twisted my ankle, putting all of my weight on it. I didn’t think too much of it, just some swelling, horrendous pain for a few days, no biggie.

Flash-forward to the present: The pain never went away, just slowly calmed itself just a bit. I was even able to start putting more weight on it (just not in the mornings, that’s when it hurt the most). So I finally sucked it up, put on my big girl panties and made an appointment to for the doctor.

The doctor took one look at my ankle (I was standing so he could compare the two), did a quick feel of my ankle while asking what I did. Within two minutes of being in the room, I was getting x-rays.

Basically, this is what he told me…without all of the doctor jargon: since I’m slightly flat footed (which I was pretty much unaware of until yesterday) I have an extra bone on the inside of my foot (most of us “flat feets” have them, lol). They’re connected to the bigger bone either by bone or cartilage (I have cartilage), with a tendon running fairly close. Long story short, that tendon got wedged in between the bones when I stepped down off that ledge, causing all the pain that I’ve been in for weeks.

So, I get to rock the fancy boot for a couple weeks, while I try to keep my foot as immobile as possible. Hopefully after a few weeks I can transition to a brace, which is what the Doc and I are hoping for. The injury has to fix itself, and it better fix itself soon, I’ve got a half marathon coming up soon…